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Outlook Support

Microsoft Outlook Support

TCGEP Designs provides limited support for independent email software programs. Many customers use Microsoft Outlook and others use a variety of programs, some new and some very old. All Castles customers using our email system have access to Web Mail and we encourage you to use that. We do understand that many prefer their stand alone email program. However, with that, in most cases you’re on your own to determine the problem and resolve it.

• Changing Passwords

If you need to change your password, you should log into your web mail account, click on Options and change your password. Please review TCGEP Designs email rules and settings.

• Email Not Working?

First, make sure you are actually connected to the Internet. Open a web browser and go to any search engine and do a basic search for something generic like dog, cat or horse. If the search is successful, do an image search for the same thing. Images should load rather quickly. If not, then you may have an Internet or WiFi issue. Resolve that first. In many cases, if you have a poor Internet connection, your email program will time out when talking to the email server.

Once you have determined that you’re connected to the Internet with good speed, than proceed to troubleshoot your email problem.

Check the Microsoft Outlook Troubleshooting Links below for assistance.

Microsoft Outlook Website

Troubleshooting Your Outlook Software

In most instances, you’re not the only one having the problem. You can easily do a Google search on your problem. You will most likely find that’s it has or is a problem, along with solutions.

Getting Started with Outlook – Adding an Email account in Outlook

Customize Your Outlook

  • Customize View

  • Categorize Items

  • Change Fonts

  • Signature



  • Compose or Reply

  • Send, Save, Print

  • Digital Signatures

  • Share Mailbox



  • Manage Appointments

  • Schedule Meetings

  • Customize Calendar


Contacts and Tasks

  • Create and Manage Contacts

  • Create and Assign Tasks


Manage and Organize

  • Search

  • Clean Up Inbox

  • Data Files

  • Archive

  • Import and Export

  • Rules



  • Known Issues

  • Fix Outlook and Office 365 Problems

  • How to Sign In and Out

  • Unblock Your Account

  • Gmail Issues

  • Errors

  • Program Freezes, Stops Working or Hangs

  • Messages Stuck

  • People Not Receiving Messages

  • Email Sync Problems

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