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Speed Test – We recommend

Caution – when doing a speed test no other devices can be on the Internet while you run the speed test.

Concerned about your speed?

Speed is a relative number and many things factor into the speed you think you’re getting, what speed you should be getting, your perception of speed and reality if what it is.

Speed is a function of your bandwidth package, your location from either a local hub or access point, the conditions of “all” the physical lines that your Internet traffic is flowing through, the condition and age of all equipment, your individual modem and/or router, local conditions and interference, etc. A hard-wired connection is normally stronger and better than a WiFi connection.

Most speed tests measure the burstable speeds which are the usage when you check email, surf the web, read articles, etc. When you initially look at something or check an email your bandwidth is in bursting mode. You can typically download (see) items quickly. While you’re reading or looking at a displayed page, everything is static and nothing is happening. Once you move on the burst happens again. However, should you begin to play games or stream a movie, bursting stops and you hit your sustained speed rate. In many cases there is a perception or reality of being slow but the cause is at the other end of things. Often a server becomes overloaded or slows down. You cannot download faster than the other end can upload.

If a website isn’t responding it may be down.










Down for Everyone or Just Me

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