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Domain Registration

Domain names identify a location or site on the Internet. The system of domain names was created in the 1980s with basic top-level domains such as .com, .net. and .org, and has evolved to a point where there are hundred of domain suffixes.

To register a domain name you must do that through a registrar. TCGEP Designs is an official domain name registrar and has handled the registration and renewal of domains for hundreds of clients.

TCGEP Designs works with our web clients to find the right domain name and availability.

Primary, Parked and Sub-Domains

TCGEP Designs can register as many domains as you wish. We can park those domains and redirect any web traffic to the primary domain. You can also have one or more sub-domains.

• Primary Domain

This is the domain name assigned as your account’s “main” domain. There can only be one Primary domain name for your website.

• Parked Domain

Any domain can be “parked” under the primary domain. A parked domain points to the same content and website as your primary domain. This can be helpful if you have one website but want to have multiple domains point to it. As an example, could be your primary domain, but you also want to register,,, etc… and point them all to the your primary website.

• Sub-Domain

Subdomains have a prefix added before a domain name. Subdomains can be a good way to organize your site or create sub-websites. If you have a blog you may want to have it at TCGEP Designs can create multiple sub-domains.

Registration and Renewal

TCGEP Designs registers and renews domains for 1 year increments. See our pricing page for costs.

Why use TCGEP Designs?

The simple truth and in all honesty, you can register domains  much cheaper at a whole host of registrars on the Internet. In fact, the prices they charge the customer is much much lower than our cost.  TCGEP Designs strives to continue charging the same price for registration and will absorbed the yearly cost increases as needed to stay competitive.

But I can get my domain for dirt cheap elsewhere?

That may be true but a word of caution. First, do you really own the domain at the other place? You may want to double-check that? In many instances you’re simply renting that domain and use it for as long as you are using their hosting services. Decide to go elsewhere for whatever reason, you may be in for a rude awakening.

You’re on your own.

Most domain registrars utilize online automated systems. That means you log in and are required to manage the domain as far as registration and renewals. In most cases, you must have a current debit or credit card on file. If you don’t, then you will receive an email when it’s time to renew. If you didn’t see that email or the reminder and your domain expires, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for recovery, if it can be recovered, or loose the domain.

Peace of Mind

TCGEP Designs prides itself on customer service and loyalty. We really do personally care about our customers. We do not have an automated system where you can log in and manage your domain. We could set that up but have chosen not to. Our customers are willing to pay a tad more for our service and have peace of mind that we’re looking out for them.

We send an invoice roughly 90 days before the domain is set to expire. If we haven’t heard from you at the 60 day point or received payment, we’ll send the invoice again. At the 30 day point you get a 3rd invoice and probably an email. If you don’t respond we’ll send a couple more emails and then attempt to call you. We can’t tell you how many times the customer says “Yes, I meant to pay that but forgot.” Customers tell us all the time they really appreciate our level of service.

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